Is it Time You Eased the Lockdown on Your Best Bits?

Updated: Apr 16

Coping with the current coronavirus pandemic has really changed the way we live, travel, work, and of course, present ourselves to the world.

Isn’t she stating the obvious, I hear you ask? Yes, but that’s just because I’m setting the scene for a new culture that we have come to label as ‘lockdown lifestyle’ or ‘lockdown living’.

And, like it or not, cultural norms, be they new or old, affect the way we make life evident to the world. Just look around, face coverings are the new black, and we can even get those that match our hats and headscarves (which btw is becoming a real trend).

But, it’s what’s happening from the neck down that really concerns me right now, especially what we’re wearing or not wearing underneath.

Now, hands up if you haven’t worn a good bra or any bra at all, so far this week.

As you put your hands down, know this: you are not alone, lady. It seems that many of us are kicking our bras to the curb during this Covid-19 global epidemic and opting for so-called comfort whilst we navigate home-life.

Truth is, remote work, reduced commuting hours, homeschooling, shielding, and isolating have meant that many of us have not had to get dressed up to get on with our day. Consequently, decent clothes and by extension, sensible underwear have been locked up in our drawers for months.

In fact, media experts have suggested that this current crisis could see the death of the bra and women giving up on their caged contraptions altogether once the worst has passed. In May 2020, Buzzfeed writer Tomi Obaro made a viral tweet predicting, “I just don’t see bras making a comeback after this.”

Whilst that’s all well and good for those who can go braless, pandemic or not, the rest of us who simply can’t be caught dead or alive without our wired wonders are only left to shudder.

A braless world? God, forbid!

How many of us would have to do zoom meetings from the neck up?

Yet, wearing good lingerie at home isn’t just about not shocking our online work colleagues at the virtual team meeting. I’ve learned that it’s also about self-esteem and self-care. Think about your posture, support for your chest and back as you nod through online meetings and hunch over the laptop pretending to be the world’s best teaching assistant whilst secretly hoping for the reopening of schools. A good bra will hold you up and remind you of keeping your structure in check. And when you stand and sit upright you feel that much more ready for the day ahead or the next task.

If you still exercise during lockdown restrictions, even lightly, you still need a reasonably supportive bra to protect your assets from harm. I mean, do really want them popped down after lockdown?