Welcome to Kaja's virtual Lingerie Guide. This guide is designed to help you make the best size selection while shopping at our online boutique. Our goal is to provide you with a self-service stylist; however, we are available via chat, email, and phone to assist you with  additional questions and your selections.

At Kaja, we curate the beautiful lingerie such as lounge, swim, and resort wear, that you see in our boutique, from around the globe; therefore, sizes may vary. Because we are a USA based company, we list US sizes for all our garments regardless of what country they are made in. We also provide a size chart for each item on the product page in the image section or the additional information section of the product page so you can select your appropriate size.

Below is additional information and tools to help provide you with a great shopping experience!


What is a bra sister size?

Sister sizes are alternate sizes that surround your bra size where the cup volume remains the same, even though the band size and cup letter change. Knowing your sister sizes can help you find your best fitting option when buying bras that run slightly smaller or larger than normal. It’s all a matter of bra conversion. That is, working out what your bra size equivalent is. But be warned, this little hack may change your life!

How to use it? Find your US bra size in the chart below. All the other bra sizes placed in the same row as your bra size (same color) have the same (or about the same) cup volume. This means that all these sizes may fit your bust(!) So if the band size also fit, you may wear a new bra size next time?

Example: If you use bra size 34B, a 32C, a 36A, a 30D or a 38AA may also fit you (they all have the same cup size as your usual bra size 34B...)

bra sister size chartUSA.png

Properly caring for your lingerie and other delicates such as swimsuits, will help to extend the life of your garments.

How to Wash a Bra 

  • If using a machine, only wash your casual everyday bras or sports bras

  • Be sure to use a mesh lingerie bag for washing

  • Set your washer to delicate or preferably hand wash and make sure the water is cold

  • Use a mild, preferably, chemical free detergent

  • Do not put in drier, hang to dry 


For Fancier Bras

  • Hand wash in cold water only with a dime sized amount of mild detergent 

  • Rinse out all bubbles in cold water 

  • Do not ring out, squeeze or twist to dry

  • hang by center (between cups) on drying rack or above shower 



  • Keep bras upright in drawer stacked horizontally with cups resting within one another 

  • Allows bras to keep their shape and allows for easy visibility