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Gentleman's Guide



If you’re thinking about buying lingerie for that special someone in your life and you’re not quite sure where to start, this lingerie guide is for you. Follow a few simple steps, you will increase your chances of a memorable thank you. Of course, we, at Kaja Couture, are available to answer any other questions you might have by phone or you can reach out on our social media platforms.

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 #1 Research her bra & panty size

  • You can flat out ask your lady what bra size she wears but if you are planning a surprise you might want to think of a more subtle way to get her lingerie details

    •  Sneak peek through her lingerie drawer and choosing bra and panties that you know fits her best.

    • Take a picture of the label that will show the sizing in numbers and letters, e.g., 32D, where 32 is her band size and D is her  cup size and  panty size (S,M,L, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.)

    • Note: check more than one bra to see if there’s a style she tends to curate, ex. If most are push up, she prefers to have a lift and support 

    • Our Bra Style & Fit Guide can provide can answer most of your questions. If you need additional assistance, chat with our Stylists.

#2 Get her dress size as well

  • Lingerie is more than bras so you should note her dress size too (like S, M, L, or 8, 10, 12, etc.) in case you want to buy  additional items like a chemise, pajamas, or robe.

  • Explore our  a thoughtfully curated and hand-picked gifts from luxurious silk to delicate French Chantilly lace.​


#3 Think of what she likes

  • Remember it’s all about what’s going to make her happy and look her best.

    • Think of what styles of lingerie you noticed make her feel and look most sexy and confident. A low-cut bra? Skimpy undies?

    • What colors does she love or look most attractive in?  Does she like simple or really fancy styles


  • If you need more suggestions on what will most enhance your sweetheart’s shape and best assets,  check out our Styling Guide or contact one of our Stylist so you know exactly what to purchase with confidence.

#4 Consider the occasion


Of course, you can buy lingerie for your darling just because… However, certain pieces will mean more on different occasions.

It will also help you to determine what color options, fabrics and styles will be optimal for your gift.

  • For example, for Valentine’s Day, a lacy, red, raunchy bra set might be just the ticket to your gal’s heart

  • A timeless piece like a beautiful silk nightgown or an elegant robe could make her feel more cherished and lady like for her birthday or wedding anniversary


Also, considering the timing of the occasion will let you know when you need the item to arrive from us, especially at busy periods like Christmas and Valentine’s.


#5  Still not sure? This is how to still ace it.


If you still find yourself in indecision about what to get your sweetheart, then we suggest a gift card. We call it the ‘gift of choice’ so she can redeem it for something she really wants. Gift cards, especially those that can be sent by email like ours, are really handy if you are short on time too.

#6 Give it the look of love


Whatever you buy, it needs to be lovingly wrapped. We are happy to help you offer your treat with the look of love. Learn more about our gift wrapped and handwritten message services 


However, if you decide to tackle that task yourself, we suggest you keep on the brand labels, but you will want to ensure all price tags are off or blocked out and there is no receipt inside your parcel when you present it to your darling as this is more tasteful.


You can keep those things safely tucked away in case they are needed for exchange at a later date (hopefully not!). Adding a little card or handwritten love note, is the perfect finishing touch so she knows how much you were thinking of her. 



  • Chemise: a short dress or nightgown, often made of silk with lace trimmings 

  • Short Robe: one of many robe styles, the length of a short robe typically ends just above the knee, materials may be sheer, opaque, lace, silk, cotton, and more 

  • Nightshirt: inspired by traditional men's shirting, usually made of flowing silk, satin, or nylon

  • Camisole: a slightly flowy thin sleeveless top made to match with tap pants, often made of silk with lace trimmings 

  • Tap Pants: lingerie shorts made to match with a camisole, often made of silk 

  • Lounge Pants: full length soft and flowy pants, usually silk, satin, or nylon 

  • Long Gown: full length nightgown usually made of silk, satin, or nylon, resembles old Hollywood glamour 

  • Long Robe: one of many robe styles, the length of a long robe typically ends around the ankles, materials may be sheer, opaque, lace, silk, and more 

  • Pajamas: the simplest and most wearable form of lounge and sleepwear 

Questions? We’re here to help.