Bridal Consultation



There is nothing we like better than seeing

the smile of a happy Bride-to-Be!


Our mission is to make your shopping experience stress-free and joyful. From your bridal robe (the brides' robe should always stand out in photos with her bridal party),  wedding undergarments, to your honeymoon (night & resort wear), our goal is to ensure your wedding intimate wardrobe makes a statement. We'll even make sure you have the perfect lingerie set for your rehearsal dinner. :-)


Our shopping and styling system is pretty unique. We provide a dedicated personal stylist to assist the bride-to-be and bridal party using our Kaja style assessment and mood board to make sure all elements of your party and wedding wardrobe is in sync with your vision.  


We guarantee your wedding day and honeymoon essentials will be steeped in tradition, yet customized and inspired by your personality and alter ego.

This is an exclusive service offered by Kaja Couture Lingerie. Our partnerships with designers in the USA and across the globe allows us to offer garments that are not advertised on our website and suits most sizes and budgets.