The Ultimate Guide

Need Bra Advice?




To choose the right size for your Kaja bra and panties, we recommend measuring yourself regularly, at least once a year, especially after hormonal and body weight changes, 



  • Wrap a soft measuring tape snugly around your natural waist.

  • For help finding this area, try bending sideways—the crease that forms should mark the spot.

  • Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground, and then take your measurement.


  • Keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground.

  • Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips.

  • Record your measurement.


  • With these two numbers in hand, find your ideal fit.

  • Check out our panty style and size guide.




3 helpful tips for the right fitting bra.

  • Band: The majority of a bra’s support does not come from the straps. The band does the bulk of the work if fitted properly. It rests below the breasts and around the ribcage. The band should be snug but should not dig into your skin, and should be level to the floor all the way around.

  • Straps: While the band does most of the support work, the straps are still important. They should sit comfortably over the shoulders, and not dig into the skin or fall off.

  • Cups: The bra cup should completely contain the breast. If the breast is bulging over, you need to go up a cup size. If there is space between the cup and the breast, you need to go down a size. The piece of material between the cups should lie flat against your body – if it’s pulling away, go up a size.


To start off, when selecting the most comfortable and flattering bra, it’s best to start from the beginning with one’s body or bust shape. Below are the most common bust shapes. Keep in mind that  all of these shapes can appear in a combined manner and on different degrees. 



To start off, when selecting the most comfortable and flattering bra, it’s best to start from the beginning with one’s body or bust shape. Below are the most common bust shapes. Keep in mind that  all of these shapes can appear in a combined manner and on different degrees. 

Balcony: ideal to create a nice, rounded cleavage that doesn't fully cover your breasts bust. This type of bra leaves the top swell of your breasts exposed for a sexy and natural look, 

Full Coverage: perfect for daytime. Allows for a less revealing silhouette while allowing lots of support. 

T-shirt or Smoothing Bra: want to create a sleek and smooth silhouette to look your best in a favorite t-shirt or top? A t-shirt bra hides every bump. 

Wireless: perfect for those who find underwire uncomfortable. Our wireless bras contour your shape while providing breathable and movable support. 

Plunge Bra: similar to the sports bra. These are often made of softer or athletic materials with seamless cups. 

Push up Bra: ideal for maximum support and chic sexy attire!

Sports Bra: holds breasts comfortably in place during high performance activity. Made of wicking materials to minimize sweat. 

Strapless: perfect for any attire that is strapless, has thin straps, or with off the shoulder sleeves. Strapless bras are mostly worn with formal wear. 

Longline Plunge: also known as the sticky bra. Ever struggled with a backless dress that did not come with proper support or plunge neck tops? The adhesive bra allows for minimum coverage, but with the needed support by sticking directly to the chest. 

Nursing Bra: have a newborn or infant at home and want to simplify feeding time? A nursing bra allows moms to unclip the cups for easier feeding. 

Bralette: ideal for those looking for a fashion statement. Bralettes come in lace and an array sizes and colors to add needed, but chic coverage under sheer tops and low cut dresses. Also, can be worn as a top to any summertime festival. Cup-sized bralettes available up to size 42G. 

Post Surgical: closes in the front to minimize arm movement and prevent potential injury, usually made of athletic materials, but do come in lace. Great for after surgery or when dealing with sensitivity, discomfort or pain.  


Romance LV-ST20_graphite back.jpg

Thongs: are a true must for every woman’s wardrobe. Soft lace and mesh styles provide all day comfort. The triangle shaped front, thin sides, and minimal back make for a sure guarantee against panty lines.

Hipster Brief:  a hipster panty has a more square cut and a slightly higher rise. Hipsters have greater side coverage on the hips, creating a modest effect. Wear your hipster panties underneath your favorite jeans for a comfy fit!

Panty Shorts: are sexy and designed to wear under dresses and skirts to eliminate thigh chafe without compromising style and luxury.

High Waist: briefs are derived from the classic brief style panty. This style has a higher waist, with longer, wider leg openings, and thinner side coverage. This creates a higher cut leg, while still providing moderate to full coverage.

Bikini: are the classic panty style. They have skinny sides, and have medium back coverage. These are the ideal panty styles to rock when you hit the gym, because they’ll move with you. 

Boyshorts: are a feminine take on a man’s boxer brief. Boyshorts have a longer cut, extending to the very top of the thighs, below the crotch line. This style provides greater coverage, but is still ladylike, and incredibly  comfortable.